Computer Lab


There is  a well-equipped computer lab in the School. We have competent teachers to train the students in the latest advancements in technology and computing. Beginning from the Junior School, we focus on keyboarding, word processing and Logical and programming concepts using TUX paint, MS Paint and LOGO software. This will make them aware of the fun factor in learning computer.

The computer lab is equipped with the following facilities:

• Multimedia systems
• Supervised, Fast Internet connection
• Networking environment
• A vast collection of educational softwares, catering to various subjects, for the use of teachers and students.

Technology is a boon and VPS has imbibed it in all possible ways to set the educational standards of a different equation. The curriculum incorporates teaching-learning methodologies which facilitate the process and break the monotony of traditional learning patterns. The students are updated with the latest modes of technology and are kept in tune with the current system. The exposure provided to the learners is maximized by the use of PowerPoint and Audio-Visual presentations, which make learning a stimulating and intriguing experience.

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